Elite Sinerji-Blog-What Materials Are Used in the Construction of Residential Complexes in Turkey?

In recent years, Turkey has experienced significant growth in the construction industry. When building new residential complexes and houses all over the country, high-quality construction materials and cutting-edge technologies are employed. There is a particular focus on ensuring that these new residential complexes are earthquake-resistant, offering comfortable living without any issues.

Preliminary Research Before Construction Begins

Before starting construction on a chosen site, a comprehensive geological and topographical survey is conducted. If the data obtained meets established standards, the necessary permits are granted, allowing construction work to commence.

Innovative Materials and Building Solutions in Residential Construction in Turkey

During the construction of residential complexes in Turkey, various construction materials are used, combining functionality, aesthetics, and durability.

In resort cities, residential structures are built on foundations made of solid, piled, or grid concrete slabs. Such constructions exhibit high resistance to earthquakes and are in high demand.

In the southern part of Turkey, residential complexes are constructed in line with Turkish standards, using reinforced concrete exclusively. This material is reliable, easy to work with, and durable in use. Its widespread use is not only due to the strength of concrete but also its popularity, which ensures additional strength and seismic resistance. Quality control of concrete is strictly adhered to during construction in accordance with legislation.

Steel is another sought-after construction material in Turkey. Steel beams and columns are often used to provide structural support and stability to buildings. Steel is preferred for its strength, flexibility, and ability to withstand seismic activity.

For the finishing of interior and exterior walls, bricks and blocks are widely used, providing excellent thermal and sound insulation. They also offer opportunities for architects and designers to be creative. Natural materials such as marble and travertine are highly valued for their aesthetic appeal and are often used for creating facades, flooring, and wall cladding. However, bricks are exclusively used as finishing materials, as constructing entire buildings from them is prohibited.

Window and balcony structures are usually made using glass and aluminum profiles, ensuring reliability, resistance to external factors, and an attractive appearance for the building. Insulation materials are actively used to enhance the energy efficiency of buildings, reducing energy consumption for heating and air conditioning.

Therefore, in the construction of residential complexes in Turkey, modern and high-quality materials are widely used, considering the residents' needs for comfort, safety, and the longevity of living spaces.

Genel Iskan: A Crucial Stage for Bringing Properties into Use and Ensuring Compliance with Building Regulations in Turkey

The most important point is that, in order to put a property into use in Turkey, developers must first obtain Genel Iskan – a document confirming that the property has been constructed in compliance with the requirements. Otherwise, a property that has not obtained Iskan is likely to be demolished.

Ready-to-Move-in Turkish Apartments: Comfort and Amenities Included in the Price

Unlike typical new buildings in CIS countries, where buyers need to carry out their own renovations, Turkish apartments are sold fully ready for occupancy. The cost of Turkish apartments includes:

- Finished interiors

- Double-glazed windows

- Entrance and interior doors

- Painted walls

- Flooring made from ceramic tiles, granite, or laminate

- Fully equipped kitchen units

- Bathrooms with sanitary ware

For an additional fee, underfloor heating and a "smart home" system for remote property management can be installed. Many apartments also feature spacious terraces with views of the sea, mountains, or forested areas.

Elite Sinerji: A Leading Turkish Construction Company with High Standards and Client Amenities

The Turkish construction company, Elite Sinerji, upholds high construction standards to meet the needs of its clients. We guarantee the timely completion of residential complexes, comprehensive landscaping of new constructions, and all necessary permits for construction.

We are also proud that all our completed residential complexes have obtained Iskan, confirming compliance with technical norms and project specifications. For the convenience of our clients, we offer interest-free installment plans until the completion of construction and provide attractive discounts. We aim to provide high-quality housing and excellent service to all our clients.