Elite Sinerji-Blog-What is ISKAN in Turkey?

Iskan is a term used in Turkey to refer to the process of obtaining permits for construction property ownership. The process involves documentation from various government agencies submitting them to the local municipality for approval. Iskan ensures that a property legally built and meets the required and zoning regulations. It mandatory for every property owner in Turkey to obtain an Iskan permit they can inhabit or sell property. to obtain an Iskan permit can result in fines and legal action. Overall, Iskan plays a crucial in the Turkish real estate market by ensuring that buildings are safe legal while protecting the rights of property.

Types of ISKAN

In Turkey, there are primarily two types of ISKAN (Habitation Certificate): Temporary Habitation Certificates (Geçici İskan Belgesi) and Final Habitation Certificates (Yapı Kullanma İzin Belgesi). These certificates serve different purposes and are issued at different stages of the construction or renovation process.

Temporary ISKAN (Geçici İskan Belgesi):

The Temporary ISKAN is issued during the construction or renovation phase of a property. It allows the property owner to occupy and use the premises temporarily while finalizing the remaining construction work or fulfilling certain obligations. This certificate is obtained once the property has passed the initial inspections and meets the basic safety and infrastructure requirements. However, it is important to note that a Temporary Habitation Certificate has a limited validity period, typically ranging from six months to two years, depending on the municipality.

Final ISKAN (Yapı Kullanma İzin Belgesi):

The Final ISKAN is the permanent and definitive document that confirms the property's compliance with all legal requirements for habitation. It is issued when the construction or renovation work is completed according to the approved plans, and the property has successfully passed all necessary inspections. The Final Habitation Certificate signifies that the property is safe, habitable, and suitable for long-term use. It is a crucial document for property owners as it ensures the property's legal status, facilitates utility connections, and provides peace of mind regarding the property's compliance with regulations.

Why is ISKAN important?

The ISKAN serves as legal proof that the property has met all necessary building codes, safety regulations, and infrastructure standards set by the local municipality. It ensures that the property has undergone proper inspections and has been deemed safe and suitable for habitation. Having a valid Habitation Certificate ensures that the property is legally constructed and meets all the required criteria.

The ISKAN protects the rights and interests of property owners. It establishes their legal ownership and provides assurance that the property has been constructed or renovated in compliance with the regulations. This protects owners from potential legal issues, disputes, or challenges in the future.

Furthermore, ISKAN is often required for utility connections, such as water, electricity, gas, and telecommunications services. Utility companies typically request a valid Habitation Certificate as proof that the property meets the necessary standards for utility connections. Without a Habitation Certificate, property owners may face difficulties in obtaining these essential services.

Also, insurance companies and financial institutions often require a valid ISKAN before providing coverage or financing for the property. The certificate acts as proof that the property is legally constructed and meets the necessary safety standards, reducing the risks associated with insurance claims and lending.