Elite Sinerji-Blog-Buying Online Real Estate in Turkey

Remote real estate buying became popular during the coronavirus pandemic when borders were closed. The real estate market in Turkey did not falter, on the contrary, during the quarantine, home sales increased by 21.5% compared to a year earlier. Investors from all over the world started buying real estate in Turkey remotely.  Already now in 2023, online real estate purchase has become one of the standard types of transactions. Quarantine has taught us how to live online.  
With the help of experts, buying an apartment in Turkey remotely is a simple and absolutely safe procedure. Especially if you plan to invest in project housing in Turkey. 
What are the advantages of remote purchase of real estate in Turkey?
- Time saving.
You can save your own time. You do not need to change your usual routine or allocate a certain number of days to stay in Turkey for the selection of real estate and transaction processing. All issues can be solved directly from home at a convenient time.

- Saving money.
There is no need to buy round-trip airfare, pay for transfers and accommodation in apartments or hotels during the transaction.
What do I need to buy an apartment in Turkey remotely?

1. to study the real estate market in Turkey
Find out what the market is currently offering and what the cost of housing depends on;
2. decide on your needs and budget
The real estate market in Turkey offers a wide range of housing. You can buy ready-made housing with 100% payment or buy a property under construction in installments. Interest-free installments on its objects offers a construction company Elite Sinerji, where the initial payment is only 25%;
3.      Choose a property object
After studying the market and determining your budget, choose a property;
4.     Ask for all the property documents and video review from the company
Ask the manager to make a video review of the apartment/villa or project during the construction phase. Also it would not be superfluous to ask for a video of the infrastructure around the complex and the beach.
Developer Elite Sinerji will provide the buyer with all official documents for its projects, such as: company license, land documents, building permit, earthquake certificate, design declaration;
5.     Check the sales agreement
The agreement should be in Turkish and English languages. All details should be spelled out, such as: the address of your chosen home, payment plan, penalties, seller's details, etc...;
6.     Make a deposit
Next, you will need to post a deposit in order for your chosen home to be taken off the market. The deposit is included in the total cost of the property;
7.     Paying for the property
When buying a home online, the money is sent to the seller's bank account, the details of which will be specified in the purchase agreement. 
8.     Registration of ownership
When buying real estate online in Turkey, the registration of ownership is carried out by a power of attorney, which you can execute in the Turkish consulate of your country on the real estate agency. If you purchase a project housing from a developer, the trustee will be the construction company. Post-sale service of the construction company Elite Sinerji includes legal support of the transaction and registration of real estate in the name of the buyer.  

Who can pucrhase real estate in Turkey remotely?

Buying real estate online is the best solution for those who plan to invest in project housing. After all, even if the buyer will be physically present at the viewing of objects, he will see the area where construction will begin or at most the construction process itself. Nowadays modern technologies allow remote contact and through a video call you can learn all the details of the future residential complex. We remind you that the prices for apartments at the construction stage are cheaper, because by the end of the construction the prices for the same apartments will increase from 25 to 35%.

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