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Residence Permit in Northern Cyprus

To obtain a residence permit in Northern Cyprus, foreigners who wish to stay longer than 90 days must apply. According to the laws of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, property owners are eligible for a residence permit, which allows for permanent residency in the area. This process also involves obtaining health insurance, the ability to enroll children in local schools and preschools, and the right to open accounts in international banks.

Flexible Approach to Residency in Northern Cyprus: Affordable Property

Northern Cyprus has a flexible approach to granting residency permits, simplifying the procedure. A temporary residence permit granted through property purchase is issued for one year and requires renewal every three years. Subsequently, a new permit can be obtained by providing proof of property ownership.

Notably, there is no minimum property value required to obtain this status, so it's unnecessary to purchase expensive properties to get a residency permit.

Residency Permit for Family Members of Foreign Citizens in Northern Cyprus

Family members of a foreign citizen with a residency permit can easily obtain the same status. Children under 18 and people with disabilities living in Northern Cyprus with their parents or guardians are automatically granted a residency permit once their relatives or legal guardians receive theirs. Once you have a residency permit, you can stay in Northern Cyprus for the duration of the document without having to leave the country.

Documents Needed for Applying for a Residency Permit in Northern Cyprus

  • Proof of residence from the local municipality
  • Bank statement showing financial stability
  • Medical health certificate
  • Property sale contract and proof of ownership with the buyer's personal details
  • Valid health insurance
  • Original and copies of a passport valid for at least 6 months for non-EU citizens and 2 months for EU or TRNC citizens
  • Police clearance certificate from the applicant's country of citizenship
  • Two biometric photos
  • Proof of family relationship, like marriage or birth certificates for family applications
  • Receipts for state duty payment

The review process for residency permit applications in Northern Cyprus typically takes 30 to 90 days. During this time, immigration services thoroughly review the documents, ensure applicants meet the criteria, and conduct necessary checks.

Key Points When Applying for Residency in Northern Cyprus

- To get a residency permit through property purchase, at least one-third of the total sale amount must be paid as per the contract.

- When applying for residency based on property ownership, the living space should be at least 17 square meters and fit for living.

- Applicants who receive residency from the TRNC are not allowed to work or run a business there. Separate applications are required for work permits.

- A TRNC residency permit doesn't allow living in the Turkish Republic, but permit holders can visit Turkey without a visa.

- A crucial part of the residency application is proving sufficient funds for living expenses during the stay.

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