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Real estate redevelopment in Turkey


Customized redevelopment of real estate in Turkey: Turning your ideas into reality


Buying real estate in Turkey at the construction stage is popular and beneficial. It not only allows you to save money compared to buying ready-made housing, but also provides a unique opportunity to customize the interior of the apartment according to your own needs and tastes. Moreover, buying in the early stages of construction provides greater opportunities for new owners to customize the apartment, including the possibility of remodeling and other adaptations.


When you purchase a property during the construction phase from Elite Sinerji, you get extensive options to customize your future apartment to your liking:

- The possibility of combining two neighboring apartments to expand or create a duplex/penthouse apartment (duplex/penthouse).

- Flexibility in the redesign of internal partitions, if they do not bear structural load.

- The possibility of installing a floor heating system.

- Free choice of finishing materials for interior design.

- Personal definition of the color scheme for painting walls, ceiling and floor.

- Possibility to choose any type of floor covering, be it parquet, laminate or ceramic tiles.

- Flexibility to move outlets and switches or install additional ones in specific locations.

- The choice of specific brands of plumbing fixtures, appliances, interior doors and other fixtures.

- Choice of suitable double-glazed windows.


Free redevelopment of real estate in Turkey


In Turkey, the state authorities do not interfere with the redevelopment of properties under construction. This means that the owners or developers of these apartments have complete freedom to implement changes in the layout and configuration of the premises, while complying with certain rules and regulations.


Consequently, the owners can make various zoning and resizing works according to their needs and preferences. This provides a unique opportunity to customize the space to suit their desires.


Required governmental approvals when remodeling a property in Turkey


Changes to the layout of an apartment do not require additional approval and consent if:


- The integrity of load-bearing structures is not compromised.

- The redevelopment does not increase the load on the load-bearing walls and columns of the building.

- The common sewage and ventilation systems in the building are not affected.

- There is no expansion of the living space of the apartment through the use of attic space.

- The increase in the area of the bathrooms or kitchen does not reduce the living rooms to a level that violates the established norms and does not violate other established rules and standards.


Compliance with these conditions allows you to make changes in the apartment project without the need for additional formal coordination and approval, while maintaining the safety and functionality of the building.


When making changes to the construction project, compliance with the established building codes and standards is of paramount importance. It is also necessary to take into account the overall architectural concept of the building so that the changes do not compromise its integrity and harmony.


In addition, it is important to thoroughly analyze the existing ventilation and plumbing systems to ensure that they can continue to operate smoothly even after changes are made. This may require appropriate modifications or enhancements to these systems to meet the new requirements.


In general, it is important to balance personal preferences with meeting safety, quality and functionality standards, and to consider the needs of existing systems and the overall architectural harmony of the building when modifying a building project.


Elite Sinerji is your partner in building a comfortable home!


It is worth noting that Elite Sinerji construction company is ready to cooperate and ready to customize the layout of the project taking into account your personal preferences and needs. This allows you to make changes that will make your home more comfortable and functional, while keeping in mind the necessary safety and construction quality standards. Our team is ready to work with you to create a home that fully meets your expectations and desires.