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Relocating to Turkey as a foreign retiree offers an attractive lifestyle, with beautiful coastal areas, climate, and cultural heritage being key draws. Here's why Turkey is a popular choice for retirees:


  • Stunning natural beauty.
  • Warm and gentle climate.
  • High-quality healthcare services.
  • Opportunities to buy quality real estate.
  • Reasonably low costs for utilities, crucial for the elderly.
  • Turkey also provides excellent care for seniors, including foreigners over 65, who benefit from free medical services.


Antalya and Alanya are ideal locations for a fulfilling retirement. Both popular Turkish resort cities, each has its unique charm. Antalya, known as the "Turkish Riviera," boasts beaches, ancient architecture, and cultural events. Alanya, east of Antalya, is famous for its beaches, old town, and picturesque surroundings.


These cities offer moderate humidity, a healthy sea breeze, lush greenery, mountains, and excellent ecology, all beneficial for health. The climate, with about nine months of sunshine yearly, can positively impact health across ages. In winter, even when temperatures occasionally dip to -5 or -10 degrees Celsius, the homes remain comfortably warm.


Relocating to Turkey as a retiree involves considering important aspects and following necessary procedures:

  • Documentation:
  • A valid passport is essential.
  • Proof of retiree status, such as a document confirming regular pension receipts.
  • Choosing Real Estate:
  • Consider personal preferences and desires when selecting a place to live. Alanya and Antalya offer diverse housing options, from apartments to coastal homes and urban neighborhoods.
  • Many retirees purchase property in Turkey as a way to expedite residency permit applications.
  • Health Insurance:
  • Although Turkey has a high standard of healthcare, it's recommended to have medical insurance covering treatment and medical services. There are insurance companies offering packages specifically for retirees.
  • Opening a Bank Account:
  • For financial convenience, open a local bank account. This requires a passport and proof of residence. A bank account is also useful for receiving pensions or benefits.
  • Language Learning and Adaptation:
  • While many in popular tourist regions speak Turkish and some in trading areas speak Russian, learning Turkish will aid in daily life and interaction with locals.
  • Adaptation to Turkish culture and customs is also important.

Key Steps Before Making the Final Decision to Move:

Before finalizing the decision to move, retirees should consider their financial capabilities, desires, and needs. Consulting with professionals and thoroughly exploring all aspects is beneficial for making an informed decision.


To receive a pension in Turkey, foreign nationals need to have a certain amount of work experience in the country. The required duration is 7200 days, which is approximately 20 years. During this time, contributions are made to the pension fund and Social Security based on the salary.

However, for foreigners without work experience in Turkey, there's an alternative through the BES (Bireysel Emeklilik Sigortası) individual savings program. Participants must make regular monthly payments, accruing interest (around 4% annually). Upon retirement, contributors can receive their savings in a lump sum or choose monthly payouts.

If moving to another country, especially one with a different climate, is a key part of your life, it's crucial to research all aspects and anticipated changes. Consulting with financial advisors and official bodies, such as the pension fund, can provide a better understanding of your situation and prepare you for relocation.

Additionally, it's important to learn about customs rules and restrictions related to transporting personal belongings and property to Turkey. Researching these details in advance can help avoid unforeseen complications during the move.

Despite potential challenges, relocating to Turkey can be an exciting new chapter for retirees. With preparation, patience, and an open mind, one can successfully adapt to the new environment and enjoy the wonderful opportunities Turkey offers.

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