Design and Engineering

In compliance with legal regulations, Elite Sinerji Construction Company provides independent, comprehensive analysis of real estate in Turkey and Northern Cyprus and related factors in the construction industry.

Within our construction company, design and engineering play an important role. We combine creative design with technical expertise to ensure the successful realization of projects of varying complexity. Our team of specialists creates innovative solutions, keeping in mind the needs of our clients and modern standards.

Complying with the established international standards, we perform valuation procedures, prepare relevant reports and provide consulting services in the field of real estate, as well as on issues related to it. In addition, we analyze issues related to the identification and valuation of construction machinery and equipment.

In addition to the above, the experts at Elite Sinerji Construction Company provide development design services, including urban infrastructure planning, development of landscaping plans, and building and road layout plans. These services are provided by our construction company to municipalities and land registry offices.