Real Estate Consulting

As part of our work ethics, we strictly follow a set of values that are the foundation of our relationships with our partners and clients. Our core principles include a deep respect for our partners, professionalism in every aspect of our work, an ongoing commitment to building trusted relationships, ensuring the highest level of quality in everything we undertake, and a relentless focus on the interests and needs of our clients. These principles guide us in our day-to-day decisions and guide us to achieve mutually beneficial and successful results in our operations. With these factors in mind, we can support you in achieving your goal of buying the home that matches your dreams, guided by the rule of three R's: (Right Price, Right Time and Right Property).

Investing in real estate in Turkey and Northern Cyprus is a serious step. The professional team at Elite Sinerji Construction Company will provide a comprehensive assessment of each property, starting with an on-site inspection, including analyzing the surrounding area and verifying that it meets its specifications. In addition, our specialists, who have extensive experience in construction, real estate market analysis and speak at least one foreign language, provide our clients with a full range of consulting services on Turkish legislation and investment in Turkish real estate.

Elite Sinerji's consulting services represent an important tool that can significantly increase the efficiency and success of real estate activities. The assessment of the situation in the real estate market in Turkey and Northern Cyprus by our experts allows investors to get an objective and comprehensive picture of the current trends, as well as the optimal development strategy, which can help maximize the income from real estate.

Today we have an extensive network of representative offices and business partners in countries such as: Russia, Ukraine, Norway, England, Sweden, Holland, Germany, Poland, Belgium, Finland, Kazakhstan, Iran, Dubai, Kuwait and Lithuania, we participate in international exhibitions. We actively use the opportunities of television and mass media, organize presentations and distribute printed advertising products. Thanks to this, we have achieved unprecedented opportunities in organizing our client network.