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A standard real estate sale and purchase transaction in Turkey usually involves a buyer and a seller. Due to various life circumstances, one of the parties may not be able to be physically present during the documentation process. In such cases, the law in the Republic of Turkey allows a third party to officially represent the interests of the seller or buyer on the basis of a notarial power of attorney..

What is a notarized power of attorney? 
A notarial power of attorney is a legally significant document in which one person (the principal) grants the right or authority to another person (the proxy) to represent him or her, perform certain acts or make decisions on his or her behalf. The principal gives a power of attorney to the authorized person so that this person can act on his behalf in certain situations or on certain matters.

How to get a notarized power of attorney in Turkey
So, one of the most common types of documents among foreign investors in Turkey is a power of attorney for real estate. 
For example, if you flew to Turkey, chose an apartment, but you know that you will not be able to stay in this country during the registration period (full registration of real estate in Turkey takes from a week to a month), then you in Turkey can issue a notarial power of attorney for a representative of the real estate agency or, if you buy an apartment directly from the developer, then this document is issued to a representative of the construction company. The authorized representative will have the official right to provide the following services on your behalf:
- Obtaining or filing documents with administrative authorities;
- Obtaining or submitting a certificate of ownership (Tapu) in your name; 
- Connecting electricity and water meters;
- Connecting home internet;
- Signing a lease agreement;
- Selling your property on your behalf;
General powers of attorney for real estate transactions in Turkey are valid for one year. At the owner's request it is possible to draw up a document for up to 3 years.

What is stated in the power of attorney? 

1.         Full information about the represented and authorized person: Full name, passport data; 
2.         Date and place of issue of the document;
3.         The period for which the document is valid;
4.         The list of state institutions where the authorized person is granted the right to represent interests and perform any lawful acts under a power of attorney from the principal;
5.         List of transactions covered by the document;
6.         Signature and seal of the notary public; 
7.         Signatures of the principal and the authorized person;
Basic rights of Turkish powers of attorney and restrictions on their execution and validity:
- Capable citizens over 18 years of age;
- Kinship relationship between the principal and the proxy is irrelevant;
- The agent may suspend the power of attorney in writing at any time;
- The document is subject to revocation if it is found that pressure was exerted during the execution or that the person acted in a state of extreme agitation or mental disorder;
- Upon expiration, the power of attorney is considered revoked;

List of required documents
To execute a notarized power of attorney in Turkey you will need:
- Foreign passports of the principal and the authorized person
- Individual Taxpayer Number (INN);
- Photographs - 2 pcs;

The document is made in 2 copies: the first one is given to the trustor, and the second one remains with the notary.
Where is a power of attorney issued in Turkey? 
A power of attorney in Turkey is executed as in all countries - in a notary office or in the consulate. The power of attorney in Turkey is executed in Turkish, but rest assured that many notary offices in Turkey have translation services. 
Does Elite Sinerji Construction Company provide power of attorney services? 

Elite Sinerji Construction Company's post-sales service team has extensive experience and knowledge in this field, is attentive to the needs of investors and helps to provide a high quality service. We not only build luxury homes on the Mediterranean coast, but also assist our clients in the real estate process.