Elite Sinerji-Blog-How to Bring Your Car to Turkiye in 2023

Traveling with your own car can be more convenient and enjoyable. If you want to enter Turkey with your own car, we have gathered general information about how car transportation works in Turkey.

When entering Turkey with your own car, you need to adhere to the following conditions:

Foreigners can enter Turkey with their own car without a residence permit, but they cannot stay in the country for more than 90 days (for Russians, it's 60 days) within a 180-day period. To do this, your car must be registered in your name in your country of residence.

For foreign residents with an Ikamet card (residence permit), you need to go through registration, which takes place at the customs offices (Gümrük Müdürlüğü) in your province. It's best to inquire at your province's customs office for the list of required documents. After registration, your car will also receive a "residence permit" for the same duration as the owner, but the total stay cannot exceed 730 days (2 years).

However, there are certain rules that you need to know and follow:

185-Day Stay in Turkey with Your Car

Vehicle owners must stay in the country for a period of 185 days before importing their car into Turkey. If the duration of your stay in Turkey in the previous year is less than the specified period, your car will not be allowed entry into the country. The requirement of staying abroad for 185 days with each entry is checked by the customs service. You need to report the exact number of days spent in Turkey to the customs control service to avoid complications when entering the Republic. You can track information about your entries and exits on the turkiye.gov.tr website.

Required Documents for Importing a Car into the Turkish

Republic from Abroad:

Passport or any other identity document.

Vehicle registration certificate and technical passport, confirming that the vehicle is registered in the country of residence.

Driver's license of the person driving the vehicle.

Depending on the situation, a document confirming residence abroad (passport, identity card, residence permit).

International insurance policy valid in Turkey. The insurance policy must be valid for the entire stay in Turkey. You can purchase insurance in the country where your vehicle is registered or before crossing the border. The approximate cost for a passenger car in 2023 is $130.

For retirees, a pension certificate translated and certified in Turkey.

Depending on the situation, a valid power of attorney or rental agreement.

A document in Turkish, translated and notarized or certified by the consulate, indicating that the individuals importing the vehicles belonging to a legal entity are partners or employees of the company.

Car Insurance

Upon entering Turkey, you must present a valid insurance certificate. If the vehicle is not insured or the insurance policy is not valid in Turkey, you can obtain an insurance certificate at the nearest customs checkpoint.

Declaration of the Car

Vehicles must be declared before entering Turkey. This can be done at Antalya Airport or any other city with a customs checkpoint. The absence of a document confirming ownership of the vehicle will result in fines. Additionally, you can pre-register the temporary import of your car to Turkey by submitting a declaration application two weeks in advance through the e-Devlet government service website. This will expedite the customs clearance process.

Entry and Use of the Vehicle in Turkey for 2 Years

If you arrive in Turkey by car with foreign plates, you must keep your car in the Republic for 730 days (2 years). During this period, you can personally leave the country, but the car will remain in Turkey. Otherwise, the initial permission will be canceled, and you will need to confirm the 185-day stay period again.

If you plan to leave Turkey without the car, you must contact the customs service and declare that the vehicle will not be used during your absence. This should be done one day before the intended departure date. In the declaration, you should specify the parking location for your vehicle.

What is the Penalty for Leaving the Country without Notifying the Customs Administration?

Leaving the country without notifying the customs administration will result in a fine of 4184 Turkish liras in 2023, according to Article 241 (6) (e) of the Turkish Customs Law.

Who Can Use Your Car with Foreign Plates in Turkey?

Close relatives of the vehicle owner (spouse, parents, or children) can use vehicles with foreign plates. Family relationships must be proven with relevant documents (birth and marriage certificates translated into Turkish and notarized). However, if the owner is outside the Turkish Republic, the use of the vehicle left in the country is prohibited. Transferring the vehicle to third parties is also prohibited.