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Apartments in Turkey

What are the differences between housing in Turkey and housing abroad? One of the most noticeable distinctions is the size of residential spaces. In Turkey, the most common layout is a three-bedroom apartment with a minimum area of 100 square meters and a separate kitchen. Studio apartments are almost non-existent and are primarily found in business districts of major cities, preferred by professionals from other cities or countries.

Modern housing in Turkey encompasses a wide range of classes, from standard to premium. You can find both high-rise and low-rise buildings here. The luxury segment includes not only low buildings but also skyscrapers exceeding 45 floors. The standard ceiling height is around three meters (ranging from 2.9 to 3.1 meters). Almost all apartments come with a complete turnkey finish, except for ultra-luxury properties where the finishing is done according to the client's preferences. This finishing includes flooring made of natural materials like marble, ceramic tiles, or laminate, as well as kitchen and bathroom furnishings, high-quality sanitary ware, windows, and intercom systems. Increasingly, there are properties with a "smart home" system that allows you to control the apartment through a smartphone.

In major cities of Turkey such as Antalya, Istanbul, Izmir, Ankara, and Mersin, as well as in resort cities like Alanya, Bodrum, and Cesme, residential complexes with a wide selection of recreational areas are in high demand. Residents of such complexes have exclusive access to spa and fitness centers, social zones, and recreational areas. More luxurious complexes offer beauty salons, restaurants with international cuisine, hookah lounges, and rooftop pools. These residences can be compared to mini-cities of the future, where residents can lead a full-fledged life without leaving the complex.


Another characteristic feature of modern apartments in Turkey is the presence of not just one but two or more bathrooms in apartments with two or more bedrooms. Typically, one bathroom is for general use, while the other is attached to the bedroom and can only be used by its occupants. If the property has more than two floors, even in two-bedroom layouts, there will be a minimum of two bathrooms.


Villas in Turkey

The purchase of villas in Turkey is popular among both local and foreign elites, as well as less affluent individuals. Villas are chosen by government officials, diplomats, artists, and those who appreciate comfort, tranquility, and stunning views. Individual houses can be purchased for a relaxed lifestyle, either as a year-round residence or for long-term investment. When choosing such housing, buyers often pay special attention to its distance from tourist routes.


The offerings in the premium segment change in response to market dynamics and customer needs. With the increasing number of affluent buyers, the sizes and layouts of properties change. Investors are interested in properties with a minimum area of 200 square meters and various amenities on the property, including villas with private pools.


Architectural Styles in Turkey

Regarding architectural design styles in Turkey, it's difficult to pinpoint a single dominant trend, as in most cases, homes are decorated in mixed styles. The most popular styles include:


Classical: Combining elements of rococo with a sense of strictness.

Avant-garde: Known for its bold and dynamic characteristics, in contrast to classical design.

Contemporary: A minimalist fusion of Scandinavian and contemporary design.

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