Elite Sinerji-Blog-What a Foreigner Needs to Know When Buying an Apartment in New Turkish Buildings?

Alanya is a resort city located on the Mediterranean coast in Turkey. This beautiful region attracts tourists from all over the world with its magnificent nature, historical landmarks and alluring beaches. Alanya is known not only to a large number of tourists from all over the world, but also to investors who make money on real estate in Turkey.

The most profitable way to purchase real estate at a low price and in installments is to buy a house from a developer at the construction stage. At that stage, the price of the property is as low as possible, and increases significantly immediately after commissioning. By investing in projects from the developer Elite Sinerji Construction, investors can earn from 25 to 40% upon delivery of the object.

But when buying an apartment in Turkish new buildings, there are several important aspects that the buyer should pay attention to:

• Organizational and legal form of the developer company: The construction company must have all legal documents and be registered as a legal entity.

• Construction company legal paperwork: The construction company must have title to the land. Check with the builder for building permits and project documentation.

• Developer's reputation: Before making a choice, check the developer's reputation. To learn about its experience, we recommend looking for already completed complexes. This will help you evaluate the reliability and quality of the developer's work.

• Plan and design: study the plan and design of the future property. Make sure the layout suits your needs and preferences. Assess the quality of materials used in construction.

• Construction Completion Dates: Specify expected construction completion dates. Make sure they fit your plans and needs. Also find out if there are penalties or compensation provided for in case of delays and be sure to write them down in the contract of sale.

• Security and Infrastructure Facilities: Review the security measures provided in the project. Find out about the presence of guards, video surveillance systems and other important safety measures. Also check what facilities will be available around the property such as roads, shops, restaurants, schools, etc.

• Guarantees and certificates: find out what guarantees are provided by the developer for the quality of construction and materials used. Check for certificates of quality and compliance with building codes and standards.

• Payment and Funding: Review payment terms and funding options. Fix the cost of the apartment, find out about the required down payment, payment schedule and be sure to write them down in the contract. Also specify what additional costs may arise, such as real estate registration, taxes.

• Communications and services: find out what will be included in the price of the property. This may include internet, cable TV, kitchen cabinets, plumbing, parking, swimming pool, etc.

• Rules and restrictions: Be aware of the rules and restrictions associated with owning real estate during the construction phase. Check if there are any restrictions on changing the layout or design.

It is important to conduct a thorough research and obtain all the necessary information before buying a property under construction in Turkey.

Particular attention should be paid to the contract of sale. All aspects regarding real estate and the rights of the two parties must be spelled out in the contract. The developer must sign each page and put a stamp on the last page of the contract. In Turkey, the details of the organization are indicated in the stamps:

• Company name;

• Company address;

• Commercial registration number;

• Tax administration office;

• Tax number;

Elite Sinerji Construction is a construction and investment company with many years of experience in luxury real estate in Turkey. Today, Elite Sinerji Construction has an extensive network of its representative offices and business partners not only in Turkey, but also in countries such as Germany, Finland, Belgium, Dubai, Russia, England, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Sweden. Our company regularly participates in international real estate exhibitions along with other world's leading construction companies.