Elite Sinerji-Blog-How to Obtain a Schengen Visa in Turkey?

A Schengen visa is authorization for entry and stay in the countries within the Schengen Area, which includes 27 European nations that have agreed on free movement within this space, similar to movement within a single country. Having a Schengen visa enables foreign nationals to travel freely across Europe.

How to Apply for a Schengen Visa in Turkey?

Foreign citizens can apply for a Schengen visa not only in their country of permanent residence but also in other countries, as per international law. The key requirement is having a residence permit in Turkey, which is essential for officially submitting applications to consulates of other countries.

The application process involves:

- Securing a residence permit and applying at the consulate or visa center of a Schengen country.

- Gathering necessary documents and providing fingerprints.

- Paying the consular fee and, if applying through a visa center, an additional service fee.

In Turkey, Schengen visa applications are processed through visa centers, which work with diplomatic missions to streamline the process. The visa center conducts document checks, but the consulate makes the final decision. Prior online registration and scheduling are required for visiting a visa center, as entry may be limited without prior appointment.

Documents Required for a Schengen Visa in Turkey

Foreigners need to present several documents as mandated by Schengen zone countries' laws. Additional documents might be required in some cases. Key documents include:

- A filled-out and printed application form from the consulate or visa center's website.

- Ikamet card.

- Passport copy and original, issued in the country of permanent residence.

- Health insurance policy for the entire visa period.

- Flight tickets and hotel reservation confirmation.

- TAPU and residence registration in Turkey (for property owners).

- Proof of employment in Turkey.

- Turkish bank statement showing financial stability.

All documents must be translated by a sworn translator and notarized.

Visa Processing Time

Applicants can apply for a visa up to six months before their trip and no later than 15 working days before it. Typically, visa decisions are made within 15 calendar days after submitting the application. This period can extend up to 45 days if additional information or thorough checks are needed.

Reasons for Visa Denial

Visa denial reasons vary by consulate and may include:

- Doubts about the applicant's intent to return home or leave the Schengen area after the visa expires.

- Unclear travel purpose, with tourism not always being a sufficient reason.

- Submission of false information or doubts about its authenticity.

Having all necessary documents doesn't guarantee visa approval.

Other denial reasons might include a short Turkish residence permit or inadequate medical insurance. Applicants can appeal a visa refusal.

Tips for Obtaining a Schengen Visa in Turkey in 2024

Given stricter requirements, consider these tips:

1. Complete Documentation: Ensure all required documents, including financial stability proof and health insurance, are provided.

2. Apply in Permanent Residence Country: Ideally, apply for a Schengen visa in your permanent residence country to increase approval chances.

3. Prepare for a Long Wait: Be ready for a potentially lengthy application review process.