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Travelling From Antalya to Alanya

To travel from Alanya to Antalya, a distance of about 123 kilometers, there are several transportation options available, including buses, taxis, or personal vehicles.

By Bus:

Travelers can use the local bus station in Alanya (Alanya Otogarı) located near Cleopatra Beach, to reach nearly any city in Turkey and even abroad. Buses depart every half hour throughout the day, from 7:30 AM to 8:30 PM, and follow various routes. These intercity buses do not have specific numbers but display their routes on the front windshield. It's important to note that public transport is not available at night. Many buses are equipped with amenities like Wi-Fi, power sockets, and offer complimentary drinks and newspapers.

Several bus companies operate in this region, including Alanyalılar and Akdeniz. The buses usually make stops at bus stations in Serik and Manavgat, which allows for visits to the cities of Belek and Side; however, this may require a transfer to local minibuses (dolmuş). The buses from Alanya follow the D400 highway, and you can wait for them along this road. This method is suitable for individual travelers with light luggage and good local orientation.

Car Rental:

Renting a car offers freedom to explore the resort and its surroundings, including various attractions. It can also save money on airport transfers. Drivers should be prepared for local traffic conditions, watch for road signs, and adhere to traffic rules.

Various types of rental cars are available, from economical models to premium classes, with options for both short-term and long-term rentals. In Turkey, drivers must be over 21 years old with at least two years of driving experience. A valid international driving license, a foreign passport, and a credit card are necessary for renting a car. The longer the rental period, the lower the daily rate. Renting a car at Antalya Airport is a convenient option for travelers who want full control over their time and route. Considering the high fuel prices in Turkey, it's advisable to choose cars with smaller engines to save on fuel costs. The drive typically takes about 2 hours.

Transfer Services:

Booking a transfer is the most convenient option, especially when traveling at night or with small children and elderly individuals. Transfer services offer assistance with luggage and provide direct transportation to your hotel.

It's recommended to book transfers at least a day in advance. Depending on the number of passengers, you can choose from different vehicle types like economy, comfort class, minibus, minivan, premium cars, or micro-cars for individual passengers. Online booking systems allow you to reserve your transfer in advance, ensuring a guaranteed transport service tailored to your needs and preferences.


In Alanya, taxis can be hailed using special yellow call boxes found at most stops, major intersections, and shopping centers. You can also approach taxis directly at their stands, recognizable by their yellow color with checkered patterns on the roof.

Before beginning your journey, it's advisable to ask the driver about the estimated fare and ensure the taxi meter is functional. Fixed fares are often provided for specific routes or distances.

Negotiating the fare in advance or booking online can be more advantageous, offering clearer conditions and potentially lower costs. Online platforms or advance bookings provide transparent information about costs and conditions, and allow you to assess the service level beforehand, avoiding misunderstandings during the trip.