Elite Sinerji-Blog-Aidat in Turkey, Meaning and Features

Aidat is the term used in Turkey to refer to the monthly fees paid by residents of residential complexes to the management company. This payment is intended to provide for the overall costs of supporting and managing the residential complex, including expenses:

- Wages of kapıcı (concierge), gardener, security guards;
- Repairs;
- Cleaning of entrances, common territory of the residential complex;
- Security and installation and maintenance of video surveillance cameras;
- Garden maintenance, lawn mowing;
- Cleaning of swimming pools and their filling;
- Payment of electricity for continuous operation of elevators, lighting in the corridors;
- Electric generator maintenance (filling with diesel fuel);
- Garbage Removal;
- Purchase of cleaning products;

Aidat plays an important role in the Turkish apartment building management system and helps to ensure the smooth running of the apartment complexes. Residents make this monthly payment according to the size of their dwelling or the amount of services provided. The amount of aidat can vary depending on various factors such as the level of comfort, amenities provided in the apartment complex and the number of apartments in the complex. 
The bulk of the funds collected through aidat are used for the following purposes:

- Management and maintenance: Aidat contributions include the costs of managing the apartment complex, including salaries for administrators and maintenance staff, as well as common areas and maintenance.

- Repairs and renovation: Funds collected through aidat are also used to carry out repairs and renovations to the common areas and infrastructure of the housing complex. This includes repairing and painting facades, replacing elevators, updating heating and air conditioning systems, and repairing common technical systems.

- Utilities: Aidat also includes the cost of utilities such as electricity, water, air conditioning, common area cleaning and garbage collection. These services are provided and supported by funds collected from residents through the aidat.

It is important to note that the amount of aidat can be set and regulated by the owners and the management company, according to the rules and regulations set within each particular apartment complex. Owners usually meet in general meetings to decide on the amount of aidat and its allocation for various expenses.

It is also important to note that the owner is obliged to pay a monthly aidat fee even if he or she does not live in the apartment. Aidat is an important element for the efficient management of residential complexes in Turkey and provides regular funding to maintain the quality and comfort of the residential units. This system helps to create and maintain a favorable and safe living environment for residents and contributes to the overall quality of life. 
Payments can be made in two ways and are accepted in local liras, euros or dollars: 
- Cash payment method to the management company; 
- Transfer to the personal account of the management company with which the housing and communal services management contract has been concluded;
What are the owner's legal obligations to pay for aidat?

In case of non-payment or arrears, the management company takes appropriate measures in the form of fines. According to the Turkish Property Rights Law, the property manager has the right to impose a fine of 5% of the amount owed and this amount will increase monthly. 
The management company can also take the owner to court for non-payment of aidat. Based on the court decision, the property of the owner may be seized. According to the court decision, the housing can be forcibly sold if the owner refuses to pay the debt. Also, such a situation can be the basis for refusal to extend the residence permit.
Thus, aidat plays an important role in the Turkish housing infrastructure, providing effective management, support and maintenance of residential complexes, which is a key factor for the comfortable living and well-being of the residents of Turkey.