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Golf tourism in Turkey has surged in popularity over the last five years, making it one of the top destinations in the industry. Known for its affordable services, Turkey's golf market has evolved over nearly two centuries, starting with its first club opening in Istanbul in 1825. The country has successfully broken the stereotype that golf is exclusively a millionaire's game. Its accessible yet excellently developed tourism services, coupled with a thriving real estate market, allow Turkey to confidently compete with South Africa and Europe. Tourism and real estate, closely intertwined, contribute significantly to the national economy.

The coastal golf clubs in Turkey offer players the chance to engage in this elite sport. Designed by renowned architects, these clubs feature varied landscapes with hills, water bodies, and different types of holes, catering to both beginners and professionals. The golf resorts extend beyond just clubs and training centers, often located within hotels equipped with spas, restaurants, and boutiques. This setting suits not just the player but also their families and friends, many of whom may not share the golfer's interests, thus making the holiday cost-effective for everyone.

Golf Properties in Kargıcak, Alanya
In Kargıcak, Turkey, golf real estate represents a tranquil, elite lifestyle. Most properties are located within 1-2 kilometers from the sea. Elite real estate isn't just about location and size; it's defined by quality, comfort, and modern technologies, such as smart home features. Both imported and domestic high-quality materials are used in construction. The architecture and interior design are meticulously crafted, and the location is carefully selected for each property.
Another important factor is the property's location and ecological environment. Even high-rise residential complexes with private parking struggle to be classified as elite if they're near industrial zones. Kargıcak, with its mild marine climate, golden beaches, emerald Taurus Mountains, and clean air, offers a healthy lifestyle away from noisy highways and dense urban development. The design of each property, whether a hotel, golf club, or villa, aims to preserve harmony with nature, reflecting golf's close relationship with the environment.
The distance from urban hustle yet well-established infrastructure and transport links further define the elite status of these properties. The target audience for both golf players and villa buyers are individuals with above-average wealth who value their money and time. The proximity to Gazipaşa International Airport, just a half-hour drive away, adds convenience.
Villas are suitable for both vacation and permanent residence. Considering that nearly half of the golf enthusiasts visit in groups with family or friends, villa rentals have become more relevant. However, they are considered 'slow' investments in Turkish real estate, offering gradual but reliable returns. For example, the average rental cost for a villa near a golf resort is about 300 euros per day.

Turkey, offering elite leisure and living at affordable prices, aims to lead international rankings in popular destinations, thanks to its developing golf industry. The increasing global popularity of golf, generating over 2 billion USD in tourism revenue, is expected to further boost the country's luxury real estate market. Elite Sinerji is your reliable partner in Türkiye.