Elite Sinerji-Blog-"Li̇fe VIII" - Guaranteed Rental Program

- To take advantage of the Guaranteed Rental Agreement, the buyer must make all payments on the apartment.
- The rent is 4% per annum of the sale price.
- The guaranteed lease term is 5 years.
- The buyer gets the right to use the promotion after receiving the Title Deed (TAPU) and after commissioning of the residential complex. The apartment must be equipped with furniture and appliances necessary for subsequent rental.
- The date of the first guaranteed rent payment is 31.12.2024.
- The date of the last guaranteed rent payment is 30.06.2029. 
- Rent payments will be due on the first day of June and December of each year. 
- During the lease period, the owner will be able to use his/her apartment free of charge for 1 month from January 15 to March 15 each year. 
If the owner wishes to use the apartment outside of the prescribed months, a 10% discount will be applied to the daily rent and the apartment will be rented to the owner. 
- From the sum of the guaranteed rent for the next 6-month period will be deducted the amount for the maintenance of the complex (AIDAT).
- The promotional period is valid till 31.12.2023.

- The initial payment for new sales of apartments of the project "Life 8" is 50%, it is possible to pay the remaining amount in installments until the end of construction.
- Delivery date of the project "Life 8" is 31.05.2024.
- Property taxes are paid by the owner of the apartment.
- Payment for electricity and water is the responsibility of the tenant.