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Using the internet in Turkey depends on individual needs, the duration of stay, and the place of residence. Property owners planning a long-term stay are usually recommended to connect to fixed internet. To do this, a residence permit in Turkey is necessary. It's important to note that fixed internet here may be slower and more expensive compared to other countries.

For short-term stays or active use of mobile communication, purchasing a Turkish SIM card is an optimal choice. Turkey has good cellular coverage, even in remote regions of the country. To obtain a SIM card, a photocopy of a foreign passport is sufficient.

Home Internet

Among internet providers in Turkey, TTNET and Superonline Turkcell are prominent. TTNET is part of Türk Telekom and offers fiber-optic connections, providing high-quality communication. However, its services are more expensive compared to DSL connections. Signing a two-year contract with TTNET can result in significant discounts and additional bonuses, like online registration of a home phone. TTNET's official website is available in English, making it easier for foreigners to explore offers.

Superonline Turkcell is another major provider, offering mobile and fiber-optic internet services. This provider's website is available only in Turkish, but its menu is intuitive, and online translators can help understand the services offered.

The cost of fixed internet varies depending on speed and traffic volume, averaging about 200–250 Turkish Lira per month. Providers often offer promotions and bonus programs, especially when purchasing premium packages.

Mobile Internet in Turkey

In the realm of mobile internet in Turkey, Turkcell, Vodafone, and Türk Telekom dominate. Turkcell serves most subscribers in the country and has the widest coverage. Vodafone and Türk Telekom also provide quality services, though their coverage is slightly less. The speed of mobile internet in Turkey is about 45–50 Mbps, and this number is constantly improving.

Free Wi-Fi in Turkey is available in hotels, restaurants, cafes, and some public places in major cities like Istanbul and Ankara. The speed of free internet is usually lower, and coverage is limited.

It's also important to know about the CEIR system in Turkey, which requires registration of phones in the Turkish network. Unregistered devices can be blocked after 120 days in the country.

Important Points:

  • Turkey has regulations to prevent the illegal import of mobile phones. All devices and SIM cards must be officially registered.
  • Tourists can bring their gadgets and use roaming without restrictions if they are satisfied with the rates and quality of communication.
  • For a long-term stay (more than 3 months), it is recommended to buy a local SIM card and possibly a mobile phone in local stores.

Connecting to Turkish Mobile Internet for Foreigners:

Purchase a Turkish SIM card with a foreign passport. Without a residence permit, the rates may be less advantageous.

  • A foreign phone with a "tourist" SIM card will work in Turkey for no more than 90 days.
  • After 120 days of using Turkish communication, it is necessary to register the phone on the official website, requiring a residence permit.
  • If you do not wish to pay tax for the imported phone, you can buy a new one in Turkey, but they are more expensive than in Europe and Russia, especially iPhones (45% tax).

Connecting to Fixed Internet in Turkey:

  • With long-term rental, utilities may be disconnected, and new tenants need to contract with service providers.
  • Having a residence permit for connecting to an internet provider may be mandatory or optional, depending on the operator.
  • The speed of Wi-Fi depends on the wiring in a particular house, affecting the cost of the subscription fee.

When choosing an internet connection in Turkey, it's important to consider the duration of stay, location, and individual needs. For long-term living, fixed internet is preferable, while for short-term stays, mobile internet or purchasing a SIM card is more suitable.