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Which Turkish Cities Offer Travel Options to Northern Cyprus?

Northern Cyprus is a unique place where Eastern and Western influences intertwine, creating a special atmosphere. This corner of the world attracts tourists with its rich culture and magnificent landscapes. Before starting your exciting adventure on this island, consider the main airports in Turkey from where direct flights to Northern Cyprus are available.

Istanbul Airport: Istanbul, the cultural capital of Turkey and a key hub for international flights, serves as a convenient starting point. Istanbul Airport offers numerous airlines that provide regular flights to Ercan, the main airport of Northern Cyprus.

Sabiha Gökçen Airport in Istanbul: For those on the Asian side of Istanbul or who prefer smaller airports, Sabiha Gökçen Airport is a great choice. This airport also offers flights to Ercan, providing an alternative route to Northern Cyprus.

Esenboğa Airport in Ankara: Ankara, the capital of Turkey, also has its own airport - Esenboğa. While it may be a less popular choice compared to Istanbul, this airport also offers daily flights to Ercan. It's a convenient option for those in the central or eastern parts of the country.

Antalya Airport: Antalya, a favorite holiday destination for many tourists, offers regular flights to Ercan. If you plan to combine a resort stay with a visit to Northern Cyprus, this could be an ideal choice.

Adnan Menderes Airport in Izmir: Izmir, located on Turkey's west coast, also serves as a starting point for travelers to Northern Cyprus. Adnan Menderes Airport provides daily flights to Ercan, catering to those in this region of the country.

Adana Airport: Adana, located in southern Turkey, is known for its cultural richness and beautiful beaches. Adana Airport offers regular flights to Ercan, allowing you to combine cultural and beach experiences.

Gaziantep Airport: Gaziantep, a city rich in history and heritage, becomes a departure point for those

dreaming of a trip to Northern Cyprus. This route offers a unique opportunity to blend Eastern and Mediterranean influences. Gaziantep is served by its own airport, which provides daily flights to Ercan, the main airport of Northern Cyprus.

Preparing for the Journey: Practical Tips

Visa Requirements: Tourists visiting Turkey should note that they don't need a visa to visit Northern Cyprus. Instead, they will be given a special insert that confirms their right to enter this territory.

Language: Turkish is the official language in Northern Cyprus, used in administration, on road signs, signage, and establishment names. The local population mainly communicates in Turkish. English is also a second official language. Information about tourist spots and city infrastructure is often provided in English. Most locals, as well as staff at hotels, restaurants, and other tourist establishments, usually speak English fluently.

Currency of Northern Cyprus: The official currency in Northern Cyprus is the Turkish Lira. In addition to the Turkish Lira, the British Pound Sterling, US Dollar, and Euro are also accepted. Foreign currencies can be used in shops, cafes, museums, and other establishments. Transactions are made at the current exchange rate, and change is usually given in Turkish Liras.

Choosing the right airport depends on your preferences and location. With a wide selection of airports in Turkey, you can find the optimal route for your journey to Northern Cyprus. Remember these practical tips, plan ahead, and prepare for the incredible experience that awaits you on this magical island. Have a pleasant flight and an unforgettable holiday!